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  • Elena & Natalia

Hello. Parev. Hola.

Elena & Natalia

American. Armenian. Spanish.

Twins. TV Hosts. Producers.

Father. Son. Holy Spirit.

What - or Who - defines us? Our culture, our careers, or our Creator?

American by birth but of mixed nationalities, we treasure both the faith-focused, family-oriented, and food-loving Armenian and Spanish cultures.

As twins, only one minute apart, we celebrate a special bond, but we also cherish our individuality and our unique purposes, passions, and destinies. We are called to share the love of Jesus through media and to advance the Kingdom of God through speaking and writing.

Whether we are in front of or behind-the-scenes or simply going about our day-to-day, we believe our identity is found in and defined by Jesus. Our ultimate goal is to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love people with kindness, grace, and compassion.

As you explore our website, read through our blog, or plan on tuning in to The Elena & Natalia Show, our desire is to point you to the only One who is worthy of it all, Jesus Christ.

Written with Love,

Elena & Natalia

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