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  • Elena & Natalia

You. Are. Important.

You. Are. Important.

Even when a person overlooks you, ignores you, or doesn't choose to acknowledge you, you are important.

Even if you may feel rejected, dismissed, or unworthy, you are important.

God calls you by name. It doesn't matter what people think of you if God has already claimed you as His important one.

You are not important for what you can do, how influential you are, who knows you, or how many social media followers you have, you are important because of who you are, and that is a chosen and called child of God.

And that's all that matters.

You can tell a lot from a person by how they treat someone who has nothing to offer them in return. It's easy to gravitate towards the most 'popular' person in the room, but Jesus went against popular opinion and sought the one no one even gave a second look at.

Let's be the ones who intentionally look at the ones nobody sees. Let's look at them with eyes of compassion and with hearts full of Jesus' love for them.

We know what it feels like to be overlooked and ignored. We've been there too. Instead of allowing the pain to wound us, we've decided to use it to help heal someone by sharing the heart of Jesus.

So if you're feeling like no one cares, remember you are not alone. If you're wondering where in the world are your friends, remember Jesus is the Best Friend you could ever have.

We understand. And we care. But, more importantly, Jesus really understands and He really cares, because He was overlooked too. He is the only One who knows you inside-and-out and is committed to pursuing you through and through.

Some may look, but not really see. But God sees and looks at you through the perfection of His Son, Jesus. He knows you and really really loves you.

Surrender your fears, your past hurts, your wounds of rejection, and let Him heal you. Let Him show you divine love that this world could never ever offer or compare to.

You. You. Are. You. Are. Important.

Because you are His child. Because you are His. Because you are. Because you. Because.

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